A young man prepares for the inevitable un-dead invasion. One morning, he wakes up to find his dreams have come true, with a hoard of the walking dead outside his house. Unable to contain his glee, he suits up and comes outside with an assortment of weapons to meet the zombies only to realise not everything was as he expected. 

This short film stars Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Altin and was funded by Screen South Ignition Network for Channel 4's Random Acts platform. It had it's premiere broadcast on Thursday 10th of Novembember as part of the second series of Random Acts TV Programme, hosted by Jordan Stephens. It was subsequently featured in comedy reaction show Gogglebox. The short has been released online by Channel 4 through the random acts site: http://randomacts.channel4.com

Below are some photos and a video from the shoot of I Dream of Zombies. A big thank you to all of the cast and crew that made the film possible.