Belle and Bamber are inseparable friends. She, a 10 year old girl with a thirst for adventure; he, an imaginary blue monster. They while away their youth exploring and getting into mischief, however, when Belle’s Mother tires of Bamber’s influence, she pressures her to grow up and forget him. Unfortunately, he isn’t planning on going anywhere. As Belle is trapped between her Mother’s pressure to grow up and her increasingly homicidal imaginary friend, she has to make an impossible decision. Belle and Bamber is a dark comedy about a child afraid of growing up and the dangers of psychotic imaginary friends.

Belle and Bamber was made with the support of Creative England and the BFI.NETWORK through the iShorts scheme, which matched the project with funding and industry support. The project was also part supported through a campaign on crowdfunder. The film stars up and coming young actress Amelia Crouch as Belle and Emily Joyce as her strict but caring Mother along with Alex Babic as the voice of the vindictive and manipulative Bamber.

Belle and Bamber had it's UK festival premiere and  it's first public screening in January of 2017 as part of the London Short Film Festival.It's USA festival premiere took place in March of 2017 as part of the Atlanta Film Festival. More festival screenings are being announced!