Alex contemplates the next camera set up.

Fancy a Jam Pictures was born in 2013 at the University for the Creative Arts when students from various creative disciplines teamed together to do what they love: make films! Since it's conception the team of FAJ has grown in size and in skill. It is our mission statement to bring new and exciting comedy-drama content to the world, whilst subverting genres, surprising audiences and honing our original voice.

Our Story

Daniel checks the frame.

Our story begins in 2014 with the production of our graduation film "Sunday Dinner with the Morgans" - a dark comedy that saw the viewer voyeur into the lives of the four members of the Morgan household. The short proved to be a springboard after finding success on both sides of the Atlantic, playing at over 20 festivals in 6 countries and winning various awards including a regional Royal Television Society award and a Best Undergrad award at the Learning on Screen 2015.

From their we gained a commission in the summer of 2015 from the Screen South Ignition Network to create a 3 minute short film. In a field full of artistic and experimental work, we decided to set ourselves apart and make a zomcom called "I Dream of Zombies". Thanks in part to it's bombastic concept and casting of Game of Thrones actor Joseph Altin the short was chosen for broadcast in November 2016 by Channel 4 as part of their Random Acts series.

Following this success we secured further funding for our next short "Belle and Bamber" through Creative England's iShorts initiative, which matches up and coming film makers with industry support and funding. The short is a dark comedy centred around a young girl and her vindictive and manipulative imaginary friend. It has recently been selected to premiere at the London Short Film Festival in January of 2017.

The team is ready to shoot.